Project Type

Software Development


Provide object-oriented software (OOS) design for a web-based, collaborative project-management application to revolutionize how the construction industry builds.

Work as part of an international remote team developing and maintaining, a collaborative web-based project management application to digitize sticky notes and increase efficiency for construction teams.

  • Worked on an enterprise software-as-a-service tool that supported hundreds of simultaneous clients working in the same digital workspace
  • Used JIRA for bug and issue tracking, Confluence for technical spec, design discussions and Bitbucket (Git) for version control
  • Wrote new software features using Javascript, Typescript, Angular and Firebase. Experience working with the Angular Upgrade Module and Downgrade Module to support both AngularJS and Angular simultaneously.
  • Championed the development of the WebGL renderer, greatly improving performance for the largest enterprise projects and expanding the amount of digital sticky notes we could render from 700 to over 7,000.
  • Total project volume planned using the platform exceeded $1-billion.
Note: This project was worked on prior to the founding of Swordmonkey Studios Inc. It is included as part of our founders personal portfolio.