Shadows of Adam

Project Type

Game Development


An outcast with a fearful power ventures out into the unknown world to save her father and herself. Shadows of Adam is a unique take on a classic genre. A retro JRPG built for the modern era.

Shadows of Adam is the self-proclaimed modern day successor to the oft-heralded classic JRPGs of the ‘90s. A shining example of sensibility through contemporary design: it takes antiquated systems tarnished by time and polishes them to a shining gold standard for the next generation of retro RPG gaming. Its incredible story is backed by world-class pixel art and nostalgia-inducing music that you’ll be humming for decades to come. Random encounters, mindless dungeons, and empty dialogue are all tossed aside, favoring instead, substance through simplicity: only the choicest cuts of story make the game; every battle provides a meaningful challenge; each map is its own expression of exploration and beauty.

Features include:

  • 16-bit JRPG glory with a modern design
  • 10-12 hours of gameplay (12-14 if you never figure out how to run)
  • Delicious graphics (consume raw at your own risk)
  • A deep, character-driven story with lots of humor
  • No random encounters, you pick your battles
  • Blazing fast battles that will set your pants on fire
  • Save anywhere! (In case you get the sudden urge to start replaying FF6.)
  • Inspired music you will find yourself humming twenty years from now
Note: This project was worked on prior to the founding of Swordmonkey Studios Inc. It is included as part of our founders personal portfolio.

Available On: Steam | Nintendo Switch | Playstation 4 | Physical