Time Hoppers: The Silk Road

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Get ready for the adventure of many lifetimes!

Time Hoppers: The Silk Road is a fully voiced time-traveling action-adventure RPG for all ages. Embark on an epic journey of exploration through the Golden Age of the Silk Road!

It's 2050 and your first day at the astounding Agli Academy for Gifted Children. You and your brainiac buddies investigate a mysterious machine, and unexpectedly get themselves a crash course in history!

Wander across wild desert wastes and whimsical cities in the wondrous ancient world. Learn mind-boggling facts about incredible real scientists while helping with some of the most important creations ever!

But watch out, Dr. Fasid is messing with time to change the course of history! You will need to stop the machinations of the mad alchemist and his maniacal minions!

Our Role

Milo Productions/MKTV wanted to increase engagement of the game for their target audience and add additional polish leading up to release and unfortunately their original development team was unable to perform the enhancements due to being booked. So they approached Swordmonkey Studios looking to add additional features to the game and enhance the "stickiness" factor. We created more than 200 new assets, revised the combat system and re-designed virtually every level in the game; all within 3-months and under a tight budget and deadline.