The Index


Studio Mighty

Project Type

Technical Consulting

2022 - 2023

The Index: An immersive entertainment franchise

The Index Project is a full franchise of films, comic books, novels, video games and more that blurs the line between story and reality.

A mysterious and interactable experience in which audiences and players unravel mysteries. Get lost in the story or become a co-creator and add to the rich world of THE INDEX

Imagine a universe where the very laws of reality can be bent, broken and exploited through the hacking the minds of the masses.

The Index Project is a mind-bending storyworld full of factions, corporations, vigilantes and underground scientists that hack and reshape the Universe for their own mysterious agenda. Unfortunately, this comes at a terrible cost, potentially leading to the collapse of all reality...

Our Role

When we first met the Studio Mighty Team, we were incredibly impressed with their ambition and passion for THE INDEX Project and we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to be part of the ride. We were contracted as Technical Consultants to assist with the software design for the Frontline Artificial Intelligent Reconnaissance and Investigation Engine (FAIRIE), which is the primary interface that users engage with to interact with the THE INDEX story world.

As Technical Consultants, we developed the Discord Bot (FAIRIE: Discord) which allowed members of the Discord Community to collect points, submit reality defects and provide a simple interface into THE INDEX. We stored this data in Firebase Firestore and allowed easy access to it through the FAIRIE Web Interface. We then worked closely with the outside front-end developer for the project and assisted with wider implementation, such as consulting on Discord Authentication with OAuth and database design.

(The outside developer we worked with for this project is raaaahman, who was amazing to work with!)