Project Type

Game Prototyping

2022 - 2023

A high-intensity 16-bit love letter to Teleroboxer and Super Punch-Out!

Battle to the top of the lunchboxing league, laying low ferocious food-themed fighters – an avocado slugger who never gets bruised, a Korean hot-dog with a spicy right hook, a steaming mad giant cup-of-noodles – chew them up and spit them out!

You have a buffet of powerful moves to unleash on your opponents, from snappy jabs to jaw-breaking uppercuts, or build up your Hangrymeter and serve up a massive Lunch Special!

A League-sanctioned lunchbrawl could break out anywhere, anytime. Dominate your rivals at the food court, the cafeteria, a sugar shack, a streetfood festival, or the League’s glorious Kitchen Pantheon – where new League champions are born!

Our Role

We were contracted by Butterware Studios to develop extensible and maintainable game systems as part of the CMF Conceptualization Stream, as well as to consult on game design and provide insights on efficient development workflows. As part of this project, we utilized SwordmonkeyTech (SMT), our reliable game creation framework for Unity to make it easy for non-technical founders to develop game content. We used the open-source project YarnSpinner to easily create AI Behaviour Patterns in easy to use "Yarn Script"

The project ended in success as Butterware successfully won a development grant through Ontario Creates